Breakage of valve

Trouble caused by overheating of the cylinder head occurred.
It got depressed because the valve guide who had been press-fit became loose by the cylinder head's overheating, it came in contact with the neck of the valve, and it became fractured of the valve.

As for the check method, spring is removed and valve guide's [dadai] is measured.
The valve guide's checkclick

Adjustment of regular valve clearance When the engine is not maintained for a long time, it causes the slump. Especially, most when the difference is put out is repaired by this clearance adjustment.

Please adjust the valve clearance when the endurance race and getting on for a long time.
Valve clearance adjustment (pdf 312kb)

Recommendation of accustoming engine It is an engine where the thing that operates in the place fixed as an utility engine is made from assumption. There will be a big difference later when not making it to the accustomed engine. To the page of accustomingclick
Locker arm pin It informs the person who has the engine before the customer and 2008 tunings of it. Locker arm pin exchangeclick
Cleaning of locker cover It ..oil.. returns and it is poriferous. the locker coverOil blows, and the influence goes out to the case pressure when this return hole is blocked. There is a possibility of the oil leak such as oil seals, too.
(It is occasionally seen in the wagon specification though it is never blocked too much in a general general-purpose specification. )
The oil return hole must be ....finishing coming in air [fu].. ,.. light and air [fu] must come with the part cleaner after it blows because of the low pressure check ..watching the hole.. difficult.
Notes of angle of muffler

The case that leads to the damage of the cylinder has come out though it doesn't notice so much because the exit of the exhaust is in the upper part of the cylinder when the weight of the exhaust and the muffler hangs in the cylinder.

Please adjust it by the muffler support etc. so that the weight of the muffler should not put a strain in the cylinder.

Cooling fan cover Do you know the sponge that has adhered to the KX21 cooling fan cover?
This sponge has come off and the influence goes out to the cab. The confirmation
The sponge is renewed again or it processes it with the packing tape etc. so that the wind should not drive against the cab.
Check on engine rotational speed It is confirmed that the obstacle comes to the tuning etc. , especially the oil circulation though the rotation goes up when a standard limiter is removed. (Especially, responsibility is borne in [konroddo]. )Please do not turn do 6,000 rpm or more as much as possible attentively checking of oil.

It equips with the tachometer etc. and 5,600 rotations or more are yellow zones. Red Zone..recognize.Please lower the gear ratio and correspond when the rotation goes up too much.

Check on oil level

The amount of specified oil is 600cc. The number of engine oil decreases when running at long time. Oil inclines when rolling when the number of oil decreases, wrasse that finishes writing oil runs idle, and oil shortage of each part occurs then and there is a possibility that it causes burning. Check the check on the amount of oil. In a right photograph, the amount of oil is 500cc.

OIL LEVEL A big photograph comes out when the photograph is clicked.
Recommendation of oil change
When a new engine is turned, the utility engine, especially the engine oil is dirty. Moreover, times one second also are dirty the engine oil, and to associate long with the engine afterwards ・・・ It recommends, and it is natural in the manual that you should diligently change it to raise it to a good engine in the future though it doesn't care of course during that time 20 hours after the 2nd first time for 100 hours.

Please exchange oil on (Sunday) after it accustoms it. Please exchange oil moreover twice even for the third times of eyes if it is possible to do. It is an exchange and OK in dirt afterwards.

Fuel filter equipment There are a lot of possibilities of garbage and the foreign body in refueling in gasoline, and the gasoline tube, etc.The foreign body is when the fuel pump and the cab therefore are passed, and ..hole.. amount of the closing gasoline is and there is properly a thing of no atomization well. A lot of this causes are thought as for becoming it impossibility to blow in the engine. Garbage from the fuel tank and the foreign body can be cut by 99% by the thing equipped with the fuel filter. Please install it by all means to protect an important engine.
Check before it runs Prior of the trouble can evade only by having checked it before it runs. After it breaks, it runs up cost. Let's check it before it runs by all means. A necessary check : before it runs.
1.Plug check
2.Air cleaner check
3.Check on fuel lubrication


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