Engine accustoming
As for the EX・KX engine, the design to aim to use it in the place originally fixed is performed, and if it is possible to accustom it as much as possible, it might be correct that it has a big influence of the life cycle of the engine in the future. I will explain the procedure of a basic accustoming in this page.
It is basically necessary for exchanging parts related to in the engine when the new article is bought, cylinders are exchanged, it bores, the piston, the piston ring, and bearings are exchanged.
Engine check The engine oil must confirm whether to enter to a regulated amount.
Please turn [serusuta-ta] and send the carburetor gasoline.
The fuel leakage of the fuel tank and the carburetor confirms whether.
Each part and oil, etc. are made solid when the engine is turned for the first time and there is a thing that doesn't hang easily either. The capacity of the battery tends to happen and to happen an insufficient case, especially such a phenomenon. The battery must use the thing with which it charges enough.
Engine start

Please leave the engine started at a while while idling after it starts for the first time and put it.
Ten minutes from five minutes (It should be long if possible).

Accustoming running 1 Please round slowly and run after starting the engine (It is a plus title to idling for a moment). The accelerator will be released little by little in one week, the accelerator ..opening (Even about 3,000 rotations are preferable so as not to have opened it completely yet).. is released, the accelerator is opened little by little again, and it runs in the repetition of releasing the accelerator for about 15 minutes.
Rest 1 It is about 15 minutes if possible by cooling the engine from ten minutes.
Please tighten each part such as frames better between those. Please note hot about the exhaust muffler surroundings.
Accustoming running 2 After the engine is started, it turns from the start and low speed to the inside velocity region (Up to about 4,500 rotations).
The thing smoothly turned from low speed to the inside velocity region is repeated. It is repeated to turn the accelerator from pull out low-speed to the inside velocity region smoothly in the corner when entering straight afterwards though it doesn't care by opening completely. 20-30 minute
Rest 2 A better tightening of the same each part as rest 1 in about 10-15 minutes to cool the engine is confirmed if possible.
Accustoming running 2 After the engine is started, it turns from the start and low speed to a high-speed region (open completely).
The thing smoothly turned from low speed to a high-speed region is repeated. It is completion at -20 minutes of 15 minutes.
Here must start running usually after cooling the engine once though accustoming the engine ended.
※The engine oil is dirty to some degree can cut down the contact zone in the engine after it runs of time especially first and iron filings after ending accustoming. Exchange oil.
(Eyes and the third times can be done twice, oil is exchanged, and there is no problem if it exchanges it regularly afterwards. )
※I will make another car put the character such as accustoming first time[narashi] in the number plate to show that it is a vehicle where the car accustoms before it runs and it runs, and understand.


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