They are parts now while being producing with r-kart, being testing, and examining it. When the product is completed one by one, it sells it.

In EX21, Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. is originally an engine as the utility engine developed as power such as the dynamo, pumps, and construction machineries.
It is this EX engine to have used putting on the place where most of use was fixed, and operation by a constant rotational speed (3,000 or 3,600 rpm) for the wagon.
KX21 is an engine newly developed as "Engine for the sports cart" that achieves high rotation (max5600rpm) and the high power that cannot be fulfilled with a past utility engine the rental wagon senior and for the athlete of an introductory race based on EX21 with results for the rental wagon.
Basic..power..request..tuning..originally..this..engine..have..performance..make the best use of..thing..harsh much as possible..last long..have..thing..purpose..part..improvement..develop.
We will wait for various information and the opinion.

Product name
Idea and directionality of product
Oil only for utility engine It almost seems that the current state and oil use the engine oil for the car and the motorcycle to which general is marketed. To make the best use of the advantage, the oil only for the utility engine is being developed though a lot of 10W60 and EVOREX etc. of MOTUL are used in a general marketing from which the resistance of the large edge drive part is ruined though the viscosity is necessary for giving the bottom oil.  
Light piston & connecting rod It tested with three KX engines in K-TAI in the thing thought about to decrease the load for a large edge in fiscal year 2009, and it ran the whole distance and the title winning a prize was accomplished with of course three. It is improved that standing up is good during the most effective because of light system [mokudou].  
It ..big charm like the potential etc... participated in K-TAI in feeling fiscal year 2009 though it was not sold as an engine for the sports kart.
I want to sell the EX27 engine to answer our imagination splendidly though the development period was short.
The team that participates thinks the first time to be a suitable performance in K-TAI master's team though becomes Glaber's food because it participated in K-TAI and was not able to put out the indebted result of the recovery vehicle.
Connecting rod

Especially, a connecting rod is raised as the number one problem by the person who is removing the limiter. If 5,600 rpm or more is turned from a constant rotational speed, lack ..large edge.. lubrication is thought though it wrote in the above-mentioned. Moreover, the engine case's being not able to follow the twist of the frame also that is the characteristic of the wagon is one of the factors.
It is an improvement that it is going on ..[sonode].. now for a large edge.
The conclusion has not been reached yet though it starts from the coating for a large edge, and the test is being repeated to the metal thermal spraying now.
There seems to be a problem in compatibility with the crankshaft, and it seems to be insufficient though WPC・DLC (diamond Reich carbon coating) did the endurance practice run yet as the measures idea.
The test of the metal thermal spraying [shita] thing is repeated at a large edge now.
Finally, a connecting rod that puts the metal is produced.


Engine base

Case reinforcement plate

To help the rigidity of the crankcase, it is basic though it is related to a connecting rod. As for this, the rigidity considerably goes up under the case on the board of aluminum and the duralumin by the E/G mount and placing it.
It is possible to do also with making by oneself if there is a remembrance on the body for a moment it and try, please. 。

Starter switch plate Switch plate to make it from pure position to steering wheel position.
The switch after all produces the switch plate the user who wants to put it on the steering wheel surroundings.
Starter switch Purity and adhering misappropriate the utility engine as it is.
There is a possibility that the terminal in the switch breaks because of the vibration (There is a broken thing, too), too and operativeness is bad for a moment.
After all, it is the vicinity of the steering wheel when putting it on the racing car. However, because I do not want to put the too extra one, the problem and the electric machine system of the harness think.
Starter motor cover An electrical equipment system parts have concentrated on here by all means though it is a starter motor that has adhered to the front of the engine.
Wiring can become baring, externals put on water directly for a moment for a bad thing and a front part at rain etc. , and it become a short cause, too. Therefore, it thinks the cover is made and protected.
Oil obtaining tank We will recommend the method that puts in the obtaining tank temporarily if possible by the idea of the thing when oil has spouted by the reason for something and returns there though the processing of [enjinburo-baigasu] returns directly to the air cleaner and makes them circulate in purity. General-purpose goods are OK though the obtaining tank is produced. When the cab is changed for the minibike etc. , the obtaining tank (capacity 500cc or more) is recommended to be installed on "Carburetor overflow pipe" in K-TAI. The possibility of becoming a rule in the future is strong.
As for the blow-by gas of oil, one as possible using the obtaining tank might be correct and be as good though is when a normal cab of EX21/KX21(EH41) is used the overflow pipe.
Oil panBaffle plate The inclination of oil by the centrifugal force when running is not considered because of the engine designed on the assumption of use in the state of the unredeemable. Vertical fixation, and oil is if there is 500cc or more (standard) the oil slick worry of cutting in each part, and is not that for the course etc. with the corner where oily an amount little (time the oil level gauge and below "Low" it) and high speed and duration are long.
(example: Course for four wheels such as popular [giya] Suzuka etc.)Then, it thinks whether the baffle plate is necessary to prevent oil from inclining in the corner by putting up the baffle plate.
・Amount of oil (standard) when confirming it with oil level gauge Low level: About 300cc High level or former full mouth: About 600cc
・Amount of recommended oil: On the middle position of gauge (about 500〜600cc)
& air cleaner
A current air cleaner is thought that parentheses are bad for myself. It started from good-looking in the wagon engine style if possible. It inclines from the engine part about 45 times backward and the cab is prevented from hitting the tire. It is thought that it is possible to use it widely from the cab that adheres purely to the cab for a moment to some degree.
As for the air cleaner, it is scheduled to be able to peel off backward by the mushroom type and to install it.
Piston made of titanium pin & valve retainer
When it is both effective means to lighten a movable part of the valve operating system etc. to decrease the horsepower loss and completes a basic, connecting rod of the tuning, it produces it though the piston pin becomes a tuning that raises potential for a moment. It is developing now.


The piston pin is being tested.

Silicon code & plug cap There is resistance for silicon code & plug cap to suppress the noise generation originally though it is basic of the electrical equipment system tuning. Therefore, it is a tool that not is because the current increases by this to tell a current surely steady from the coil.  
※Please do the tuning part.. to have to the last by an individual responsibility.


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