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Q1・Can the engine be turned up to how many rotations?
A.The limiter of 5,600rpm(+-130) is basically attached to the KX engine. 6,000 rpm might be a limit though it turns any more if the limiter is removed.
If 5,600 rpm or more is turned, a moderate risk is generated. The surging happens first in spring, the oil for a large edge of [konroddo] becomes short supply when it is 5,800 rpm or more, and it causes burning.
Q2・How should I do when the engine doesn't smoothly turn to the limiter?
A.First of all, please check the fuel line for the basis of this engine. Isn't there stopped up in the filter etc.Moreover, is not the filter to which flowing quantity is limited used?
Next, please confirm to the idea whether the cab is removed and there are garbage etc.When the rotation is not normal, 90% is a cause the above-mentioned. Or, please take it to the designated plant however when not normally turning.
Q3・Can do the tuning of KX?
A.A great horsepower improvement cannot be expected though can the of course tuning. Moreover, please inquire of the course and the organizer who is if it is not normal also the class that cannot participate and regarded that it will participate according to the race. The tuning parts are sold here.
Q4・The backing fire occasionally happens when the accelerator is opened from idling.

Symptom (current state)
The decompressor and the ignition timing are unrelated, and are close throttle all ?. The fire and the sound are often generated by [mototono] and the temperature of the muffler when opening completely.
(Especially, when general purpose STD muffler is installed, it is often generated. )
A.To our regret, a certain adjustment cannot be done in the STD cab of general purpose E/G base. It becomes difficult to be generated by making the muffler goods only for the wagon in the engine with which the muffler such as KX21 has not been equipped normally. There is little damage to the E/G side by this. Correspondence 1) Please do the resolution cleaning of the cab once. The symptom that it is similar to have blocked the passage of the air system (When it starts being blocked) might go out.
2)It is said, "Pilot screw" and there is black [puraneji]. This is close throttle all ?. It is a screw that adjusts the flowing quantity of gasoline when it is an idol.
A standard position is a central position within range (180°) of the rotation.
It becomes a flowing quantity decrease 90° left the flowing quantity increase and right by 90°.
When 90°(flowing quantity increase) is made left when the sound and the fire have been emitted at the close → all time when opening completely, it is likely to install.
- There is no air screw in the cab of KX21 and EX21.

Q5・Where do you race?

There is no race information out of Japan.
Please inform me when there is information on the race.

Race and SUBARU engine rental wagon that can participate in KX21 engine

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